We work with Glasgow businesses to provide bespoke recycling and waste collections including food waste and secure shredding services.

Our tailored waste management solutions are suitable for businesses across all sectors in Glasgow. With our comprehensive range of services, we support businesses achieve sustainable waste practices while minimising their environmental footprint.

We understand the importance of responsible waste disposal and its impact on the environment and the local community in Glasgow.

Waste Recycling Services Glasgow

Our experienced team can offer Glasgow businesses a range of waste recycling services, from to glass, food, and more.

We serve hospitality businesses, offices, and retail businesses, consistently providing bespoke waste management solutions suited to a businesses’ specific needs. From providing colour coded bins for offices to which can help them can recycle over 80% of their waste to removing food waste from inside hospitality businesses so that it doesn’t have to sit outside, our hard work makes recycling straightforward for our Glasgow-based customers.

We can prioritise the quality of the waste recycling materials collected in Glasgow through our separate collection service. This emphasis on quality ensures that reprocessors in the UK highly regard the recyclables we gather from our clients.

By partnering with local reprocessors, we actively contribute to the growth of the local economy and support the principles of the Circular Economy.

Secure Shredding Services For Glasgow

Our Secure shredding service is audited and accredited by UKSSA (UK Security Shredding Association).

As well as offering offices high-quality waste management, our secure shredding services in Glasgow provide a reliable and confidential solution for the destruction of sensitive documents and data.

The importance of safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations is always a top priority for us.  With our secure shredding services, businesses in Glasgow can trust that their confidential documents are handled with the highest level of security and professionalism.

Working with the Change Waste Team

Change Waste Recycling has an award-winning team with decades of experience in the industry and is a trusted provider of comprehensive waste management services across Scotland. We are dedicated to helping businesses adopt reliable waste practices to minimise environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner, greener Glasgow.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and discover the ways we can support you in making a positive change to your waste management.

Here’s how we can help your business reduce waste, carbon and costs.


Why is responsible waste management important?

Waste is a valuable resource, proper waste management conserves natural resources by promoting recycling and minimising the need for raw materials.

What are the risks associated with incorrect waste management?

Improper waste disposal can contaminate the local environment, and can harm local ecosystems, impacting human health. Additionally, failing to ensure the proper disposal of waste could lead to penalties which may include significant fines depending on the extent of mismanagement. Businesses can be fined for leaving waste out on the street. All businesses should have a recycling service in place, Environmental Wardens can ask to see a Waste Transfer Note (WTN), all business are required to have a WTN which shows how collects the waste and what waste is being collected.

What waste management service does your locality provide?

Glasgow City Council requires businesses to dispose of waste through an approved waste contractor. While they do offer a waste collection service, Change Waste Recycling provides a comprehensive range of waste management services.

These services include recycling, waste collection and disposal, hazardous waste management, waste audits, and consultancy. Our waste collection services cover various waste types, including recycling, general waste, secure shredding , organic waste, and hazardous materials.