Change Waste is a leading commercial waste management company in Edinburgh, providing a comprehensive set of services.

Our waste management solutions offer businesses in Edinburgh a reliable, secure, and tailored service. Our extensive range of services provides vital support to improving businesses’ sustainable waste practices.

Working with clients across all market sectors, our experienced team can assist in an array of sector-specific recycling services.

A Change Waste Recycling employee filling a company van.

Waste Recycling Services in Edinburgh

Our knowledgeable team is well-equipped to offer a diverse range of food waste recycling in Edinburgh.

Offices will typically produce more paper and cardboard waste, we have colour-coded bins and training resources to help you recycle not only your paper and cardboard but other waste you may produce. Our food waste collection service is tailored for your business, so it doesn’t matter if your business is small or large; we have a service for you!

We’ll also collect recycling and waste from inside your business. Resulting in less hassle and avoiding potential fines for our Edinburgh-based clients.

Through our separate collection service, we can help businesses recycle much more waste than using traditional dry mixed recycling. Separating your waste ensures that the recyclables we collect from our clients are high quality and valued by reprocessors across the UK.

Secure Shredding Services For Edinburgh

We offer secure shredding services to businesses in Edinburgh, delivering a confidential means of destroying sensitive documents and data.

We understand the significance of safeguarding sensitive information and can offer a UKSSA (UK Security Shredding Association) accredited service. Take control and have full confidence that confidential documents are handled with utmost security and professionalism.

Change Waste Services in Edinburgh

Change Waste Recycling is a trusted and established provider of comprehensive waste management services throughout Scotland. We assist businesses in adopting reliable, sustainable waste practices to promote a cleaner and greener Edinburgh.

For further information and to explore how we can support you in making a positive change to your waste management, contact us. Our team is here to help and provide the solutions you need.

Here’s how we can help your business reduce waste, carbon and costs.


How is waste proper management carried out?

At Change Waste Recycling, we want to ensure we provide efficient waste management services to every client. Including waste collection services tailored to our client’s specific needs. All the recycling we collect from our clients is brought back to one of our depots where it’s baled ready to be sent to reprocessors to be recycled.  Waste that can’t be recycled is sent for Energy from waste, our food waste is composted, producing compost and energy for space heating. Our service is designed to maximise the amount of waste our clients can recycle and minimise their environmental impact.

What will happen if waste is not managed properly?

Failing to have a proper waste management provision impacts the environment and could potentially be a problem for vermin and public health.  Businesses could face a fine if they don’t have a proper waste management service in place.