An image showing the locations where Change Waste operates on a UK map.
Reducing waste, carbon and costs

Drinks cans and food tins are bulked in Scotland and recycled back into drinks cans via UK processors.

Paper and confidential paper is recycled into tissue paper in Wales

Cardboard is recycled back into cardboard in the North of England

Plastic bottles are bulked in Scotland and reprocessed back into pellets for manufacturing

Glass bottles are bulked up in Scotland and recycled back into container glass at various processors

Obsolete IT equipment goes to Irvine for recycling

Toner cartridges are reused where possible or sent for energy to waste when not

Food waste is sent to AD plants in Central Scotland

Batteries are recycled in Central England

Fluorescent tubes are recycled in the North of England

Office furniture is refurbished where possible or recycled in Central Scotland

Wood is recycled into wood chip in Central Scotland

General waste is managed similarly to DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling), processed to remove residual recycling then Energy from Waste.

Change Waste Recycling has always seen the value in the recyclable material we collect from our clients.

By using our source segregated collection service, the material our clients produce is of the high quality that UK reprocessors require. After we’ve collected your recycling from your business it comes back to our facilities where it’s baled ready to be transported to one of our reprocessing partners. Simple!

 The map shows where each material goes in the UK. Using UK reprocessors reduces road miles and supports the local and circular economy.

Our competitors use DMR (Dry mixed recycling) collection processes where materials are collected and mixed in one bag, this means that when the waste leaves your business the separation process is more intensive going through more procedures before it’s finally ready for reprocessing.

On occasion, market demands may mean that the final destination of the material may change.

Find out more about what we recycle here.