We take the threat of climate change seriously.

That’s why our award-winning vehicle fleet has the lowest emissions of any waste management company in the UK – by quite some distance. All our vehicles are designed to run on biofuels and we’re in the process of transitioning our fleet to run on 100% renewable electric.

As the majority of our clients are based in the city centre we use smaller more efficient vehicles that produce less noise and emissions. The transition to electric vehicles makes environmental and financial sense.

Our operations, based in Newhaven are run by 100% renewable electricity.

Many waste management companies advocate dry mixed recycling (DMR), this leads to poor quality recycling were minimal amounts of waste is actually reprocessed. Poor quality material is unlikely to be reprocessed in the UK. 

The material we collect is recycled in the UK, which makes environmental and financial sense.  Also supporting the local and circular economy.  We’re committed to continually improving our environmental performance. Whether it be our collection vehicles or our warehouse operations we make investments across the business to improve our service offering.

Where possible our recycling containers are made from sustainable resources. Our cardboard collection boxes are made from recycled cardboard and our U-bins are made from 100% recycled plastic.