It doesn’t matter if you’re a small independent or a national retailer, we offer the same exceptional waste and recycling service to all our clients.

Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that your recycling and waste management service matches your business needs.

From experience we know that retailers often need a flexible service to cope with busy periods. We make it easy to change your service so you can get extra collections when you need them most. We collect a wide range of materials, for a full list visit what we recycle.

You don’t need to put your waste and recycling outside, we can collect from inside your business premises, saving you the hassle of putting your waste outside or worrying about fines.

Retail Waste Management & Recycling in Scotland

Our team ensures that your recycling and waste management service is tailored to your specific business requirements. We operate mostly in Glasgow and Edinburgh, but have a strong network allowing for services across many more parts of the UK.

We understand the need for flexibility in the retail industry, so we make it easy to adjust your service to accommodate busy periods. You can rely on us to collect a wide range of materials as listed here.

We can also save you time and risk of fines by collecting waste from inside your building rather than outside your premises. If you have any questions about our recycling and waste management services, feel free to contact us.

Serving Retail Spaces Of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small independent or a national retailer; we offer the same exceptional waste and recycling service to all our clients.

Whether your retail unit is small or large, and regardless of the industry you’re in, we’re here to provide support.

Secure Shredding Services For Retail Stores

Trust us to safeguard your sensitive information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our secure shredding services.

We are proud to offer accredited secure shredding services. Audited by the UK Security Shredding Association (UKSSA), we prioritise the utmost security and professionalism in handling confidential documents and data.

Food Waste Disposal For Retail Businesses

We also offer food waste recycling solutions that are specifically designed to assist you in minimising waste. We supply containers and tailored guidance on the efficient separation and storage of food waste.


With an excellent service track record, find out how Change Waste Recycling can assist your retail business in waste management by contacting us today and joining our mission for a greener future.

Call us today for a personalised quote and a comprehensive service which makes waste an afterthought.W

Our biggest obstacle is the fact that we receive large amounts of packaging in deliveries (albeit recyclable packaging necessary to protect our clothes and accessories). A challenge for us was looking for the best way to dispose of this in a low-impact way - enter Change Waste Recycling!
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We can collect a wide range of retail waste, including packaging materials, cardboard, paper, and more. Explore our comprehensive list of materials we can recycle.

Yes, we provide collection services from inside retail premises, eliminating the need for you to put your waste and recycling outside. This saves you time and ensures compliance with waste disposal regulations.

ChangeWaste takes data security seriously. We offer secure shredding services for confidential documents, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and providing peace of mind for retail businesses.