Small cafés, restaurants or large hotels, we have a recycling and waste management service to suit everyone.

Hospitality businesses can be complex, our business development team will meet with you to discuss what you need and how we make managing waste and recycling easy.

Our service is flexible, if you need extra collections at busy seasonal periods just let us know what changes you’d like to make and we’ll do the rest. Every client receives a monthly carbon report so you can show your customers that you are doing you

We collect a wide range of materials including food waste and general waste, for a full list visit what we recycle. You don’t need to put your waste and recycling outside, we can collect from inside your business premises, saving you the hassle of putting your waste outside or worrying about fines.

Hospitality Waste Recycling & Management

Our comprehensive waste collection services include food waste and general waste for businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh and further afield. Find out more about the materials that we recycle.

With our convenient collection process, there’s no need to place your waste and recycling outside. We can collect directly from inside your business premises, saving you the hassle and eliminating concerns about fines.

Our service is flexible, allowing you to request extra collections during busy seasonal periods. Simply let us know the changes you’d like to make, and we’ll take care of the rest. Call us today for more information on our recycling and waste management services.

Serving Hospitality Services Of All Sizes

At Change Waste Recycling, we provide waste management and recycling solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of hospitality businesses, regardless of their size. Whether you operate a small bed and breakfast or a large restaurant, we recognise the unique challenges involved in effectively managing waste in the hospitality industry.

Efficient Food Waste Disposal For Hospitality Businesses In the Central Belt

Through working closely with our clients, our team develops personalised collection schedules and solutions that perfectly align with their unique operational needs. We supply collection containers and offer guidance to provide efficient separation and storage of food waste, simplifying the process and eliminating any inconvenience.

Our tailored waste management solutions are specifically designed to help you minimise waste, enhance recycling rates, and promote sustainability. Whether it’s managing food waste or handling packaging materials, our comprehensive services ensure compliance with regulations and prioritise environmental responsibility.

Food Waste Disposal For Retail Businesses

We also offer food waste recycling solutions that are specifically designed to assist you in minimising waste. We supply containers and tailored guidance on the efficient separation and storage of food waste.


With over 20 years of experience, we deliver high-quality solutions to businesses across the UK. Want to make your waste management easier? Call Change Waste Recycling today.

Call us today for a personalised quote and a comprehensive service which makes waste an afterthought.W

We’ve really valued the personal, proactive approach that Change Waste Recycling have taken with our business. They’re happy to meet us in person, they’ve helped us to find the best waste management solutions for our two different sites, and they’ve given us the business tools to help us save money on our waste management costs. Plus, as a bonus, every single person you come into contact with is nice to deal with.
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Implementing a recycling routine in your hospitality business offers several benefits. It helps reduce environmental impact by diverting waste from landfill, conserves resources through the recycling of materials, enhances your business’s corporate social responsibility, and can even save on waste disposal costs.

The recycled materials collected from your hospitality business are processed through our established recycling partnerships. These materials undergo sorting, cleaning, and processing at recycling facilities to be transformed into new products. By recycling, we contribute to the circular economy and promote the sustainable use of resources. Click here for more details of where your recycling goes.

The hospitality industry can recycle a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, food waste, and more. These materials can be sorted and collected separately for real recycling.