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Rab Ha’s opened its doors in September 2017, a hospitality business which was in need of a sector-specific recycling service.. The team at Change Waste Recycling listened to Rab Ha’s, and once we had a strong understanding of their waste management requirements, we devised a proactive hospitality recycling and waste plan.

Change Waste Recycling’s effective and tailored hospitality recycling services played a pivotal role in revolutionising Rab Ha’s approach to waste management – and we can do the same for yours. With years of experience, our team can offer a sector-specific approach that can be tailored to every client that we serve. Whether it’s collections from inside your business, or monthly carbon reports, we’re here to help.

Delve into the specifics that brought positive changes to Rab Ha’s, highlighting how it not only enhanced the bar’s environmental responsibility but also contributed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

When Rab Ha’s, a busy bar in the centre of Glasgow, opened its doors in September 2017 it didn’t have a recycling policy in place. All of its waste went into one large bin kept outside the premises.
When Glasgow Council announced new rules regarding the storage and collection of trade waste, including that waste could no longer be stored on public space and was only allowed to be put out for collection within a specified time frame, Rab Ha’s owner, Robert Mullan, knew he had to act.

Rab Ha’s

Without any private space to store a wheeled container for his trade waste, Robert had to find another method for disposing his business waste. He met with several waste companies, but he found all the different services and quotes confusing. Robert said:

“Change Waste Recycling met me at the bar and by identifying which waste materials were produced in each area of the business, they put forward a simple solution that was easy for the team to manage and removed the need for an outside container.

“It also meant that we could increase the amount of waste we recycled. After this, the decision to go with Change Waste Recycling was a no brainer.” “Implementing a waste management plan has been a really positive move for the business. Thanks to a few small changes from Change Waste Recycling, we’ve started recycling glass, paper, cans, plastic bottles and food from the kitchen area. “Our team has also really taken more of an interest in the environment too, making them more aware of how much we can actually recycle.”

We Can Help Cut Costs in Your Waste Management

At Change Waste Recycling, we take pride in offering hospitality-specific services designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, as shown by our successful collaboration with Rab Ha’s.

We ensure a personalised approach to each and every client we work with. Our team takes the time to ensure that the services we provide are precisely what your business requires.

Our goal is to assist you in transitioning towards a more sustainable and profitable organisation. Contact us today to explore how our services can contribute to the success and sustainability of your business.

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