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Since we started working with Paper Tiger, their efforts in recycling paper have undergone an  amazing transformation. The impact has seen a staggering 95% reduction in the amount of waste that they generate.

Businesses that go through a lot of paper often require a tailored approach to commercial recycling. Our bespoke and effective recycling services have played a pivotal role in Paper Tiger’s success .

As we do with every client, we worked closely with their team and implemented a custom waste management strategy. Whether your business, like Paper Tiger, processes a lot of paper, or if you produce a large amount of cardboard waste – or require a secure approach to waste management – our team will provide a bespoke solution for you.

Read on to get more insight into our proactive approach to waste management.

“Thanks to Change Waste Recycling, we haven’t just reduced our waste, we have saved money too.”

Paper Tiger

As an Edinburgh-based card, stationary and gift retailer, Paper Tiger, as the name suggests, produces a lot of paper waste! To comply with new waste regulations, Paper Tiger needed to change the way it handled its waste management plan. Paper Tiger wanted to streamline its recycling initiatives, ensure regular collections and make the most of limited space for waste and recycling bins to guarantee the smooth running of the business. The company was also genuinely concerned about how the waste it produced impacted the environment so was looking for a partner that could advise on how to minimise the amount of waste it was producing. Michael Apter from Paper Tiger, said:

“It’s always been our ethos to minimise waste and recycle as much as possible, however during the run up to Christmas in 2012 I knew we could do more with the amount of waste we were having to dispose of. “The new Waste Regulations were the catalyst for us to look at how we could recycle even more and minimise our residual waste.”

“We approached Change Waste Recycling to work with us to achieve our goals. They immediately understood our requirements and were able to come up with a bespoke waste management plan that took into account all of our requirements.”

Since working with Change Waste Recycling, Paper Tiger has achieved an incredible 95% reduction in the amount of waste it is producing. Michael concluded:

“Thanks to Change Waste Recycling, we haven’t just reduced our waste, we have saved money too. “Our relationship with Change Waste Recycling, coupled with our determination to reduce the impact we have on the environment, is helping us to influence our suppliers to reduce their packaging. This makes sense from a business point of view, by way of a reduced cost base, as much as it benefits the environment.”

Reduce Paper Waste in Your Business Today

Our successful collaboration with Paper Tiger demonstrates our our tailored approach to waste and recycling.

We are committed to delivering a personalised approach to all our clients.

Our dedicated team takes the time to understand the needs of our clients ensuring that the services we offer are precisely aligned. Please contact us today to explore how our services can support  the success and sustainability of your business.

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