Image of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, a Change Waste client.

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Recycling Rate


Scottish Parliament

Supporting a local and circular economy is a cornerstone of Change Waste Recycling’s business model. Change Waste Recycling has provided waste and recycling services to the Scottish Parliament for over a decade.
During this period, Change Waste Recycling has collaborated with the Parliament to improve the capture of key recyclables such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, cans and food by helping to source easy-to-recognize colour- and symbol-coded bins. This helped to increase the separation of key recyclables to ensure higher quality material, and reduce contamination.
Detailing what waste, and how much has been collected, enabled the Scottish Parliament to monitor the amount of waste produced. During the period 2021/2022 the Scottish Parliament achieved a recycling rate of 81%*.

Through our ongoing collaboration, the Scottish Parliament can continue to increase its recycling rates.

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