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Key stats

Market Sector

International law firm


Secure shredding and recycling

Weight of confidential material shredded 2018-19

16,400 kg

Addleshaw Goddard has seen significant improvements since switching to Change Waste Confidential for their secure shredding needs.

They adapt to changes, keep up with the legislation, and the monthly report is a huge benefit. It shows the weight of your recycling for that month and how much carbon we’ve saved – tangible results which are perfect for showing to lawyers who love evidence!

Andrew Eadie, Facilities Manager at Addleshaw Goddard

The Company

Addleshaw Goddard is a large international business law firm with offices around the world from the Middle East to Asia, as well as right here in Scotland. 

Their focus is on delivering excellence to their customers across a wide range of legal services – that dedication to excellence also includes a commitment to ensuring the absolute security of client data.

Change Waste Confidential has been working with Addleshaw Goddard for over seven years, providing tailored secure shredding and recycling services for their Glasgow and Edinburgh offices. 

Andrew Eadie, Facilities Manager at Addleshaw Goddard, explains why secure shredding matters to their business:

“As a law firm dealing with large volumes of data and documents, the security of clients’ personal data is paramount – we operate in a secure environment, and our confidential waste is stored in secure locked cabinets, with access limited to certain staff members. When our confidential waste gets picked up and destroyed, we need reassurance that everything has been dealt with securely.”

The Challenge

Before working with Change Waste Confidential, Addleshaw Goddard was using an on-site shredding service. However, they found this method to have a lot of disadvantages, including unwanted noise and pollution generated by the onsite shredding vehicle which would be parked outside the business premises.

Andrew Eadie explains why they turned to the waste management firm for help with secure shredding:

“They were offering eco-friendly secure shredding and recycling services at a time when it was still new – we were committed to being at the forefront of lowering our carbon footprint, and working with the Change Waste Confidential team bolstered this, enabling us to support our local community while meeting a real business need at the same time.”

The Solution

Change Waste Confidential provides a complete shredding solution to help businesses handle and dispose of confidential waste from the outset. 

Confidential waste is regularly collected and taken to a secure facility where it is destroyed within 24 working hours. The company is then issued a Certificate of Destruction so they can prove that their sensitive data has been securely destroyed. 

Off-site shredding also helps to meet their green targets, as it is collected by our fleet of low-carbon trucks and then, once shredded, is pulped and recycled back into paper products. We also keep clients up to date with regular meetings to inform them of any changes in legislation or regulation that might affect them.

The Benefits

As they are committed to lowering their environmental impact as a company, Addleshaw Goddard needed secure shredding and recycling services that were trustworthy, efficient, and also environmentally friendly. 

Addleshaw Goddard were impressed with the benefits that working with Change Waste Confidential brought to the company from the start, Andrew Eadie explains:

“Change Waste Confidential made it really easy to get set up, providing the separate bins and posters and to communicate the benefits of recycling to the staff – they offered the whole package really.” 

He also cited flexibility as a big part of why they have remained loyal over the years: 

“They adapt to changes, keep up with the legislation, and the monthly report is a huge benefit. It shows the weight of your recycling for that month and how much carbon we’ve saved – tangible results which are perfect for showing to lawyers who love evidence!”

Of course, peace of mind is at the heart of the Change Waste Confidential service, and Andrew recognises this: 

“They are also very trustworthy, and I can rely on them to do their best to adapt to the needs of the business. For example, we have normal weekly collections for recycling and shredding but now and again we will need an extra collection because of our document retention and destruction policy”.

He adds:

“It’s also a big plus that we can show our customers that we are proactively involved in reducing our carbon footprint – we’ve found that clients are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of businesses they work with, so our monthly reports make our efforts easy to showcase.” 

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