Secure Shredding Case Study: Improving Security at Addleshaw Goddard

Key stats Market Sector International law firm Services Secure shredding and recycling Weight of confidential material shredded 2018-19 16,400 kg Confidential shredding is hugely important for businesses, so it’s important to ensure that your shredding is being handled by an experienced, trustworthy team. Learn the Change Waste recycling secure shredding process through this case study.…

Image displaying the logo for COP26, the environmental summit which took place in Glasgow.

Our guide to COP26

COP26 is under way in Glasgow, but what is it and why is this conference so important? COPS or Conference of Parties have been running since 1994 when the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was signed. This is the 26th COP to take place and building on the agreements made at COP21 it’s…

Reducing costs for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Key stats Market Sector Bar/Restaurant Recycling rate 78% Cost reduction 15% Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s journey towards reducing waste costs and boosting recycling is an example of Change Waste Recycling’s fantastic and sector-specific waste management solutions. We helped them undertake a transformative approach to waste management by implementing efficient waste reduction strategies and significantly increasing…

strips of shredded paper for secure shredding

Secure shredding unwrapped

Secure shredding is essential for virtually all types of business, from SMEs to large corporations. That’s because every business produces confidential waste – and if you want to fully protect data belonging to you, your customers and your employees, secure shredding is vital.

A close-up of crushed drink cans which are to be recycled.

Your office recycling checklist

There’s so much information out there about recycling that it’s become very confusing for people and businesses to know what they can and cannot recycle. The amount of misinformation out there leads people to recycle wrongly or even not at all in an office setting – and that’s just not good enough!